Monday, 19 December 2011

A holiday project - Part 1

One of the things I've decided to do for the Christmas and New Year holidays is to progress my small 10mm SYW Allied and French forces so that I can solo test a few rule sets in January.  I based up my 10mm SYW  over the summer and undercoated them, then painting most of 2 battalions of French.  Then it all stalled.

My painting tends to be of the 'get in on the table' quality - basically I'm not very good at it.  If I can tell the unit while playing that's good enough for me.  They are also more in 'The Wargame' style so not designed to be realistic in terms of basing etc.   The combination of my eyes and lack of dexterity mean that lace etc is impressionistic and I've also avoided doing buttons.

Over the weekend and this morning I finished painting the French (not yet varnished and there may be some touching up to do).  For now the infantry standards are paper (Warflag and self made) while I work out what to do longer term.

The French:  Lt General St German leads the French advance guard

The French force consists of two two battalion regiments (Provence and D'Eu), a battalion of Grenadiers de France, three two squadron regiments of cavalerie leger (Conde, Rochefaucault, Du Roi) and two squadrons of dragoons (Orleans) plus a battery of two 8 pounders.  All figures are Pendraken.  Bases are all 25mm/1 inch wide (20mm deep for infantry, 25mm for cavalry.  Brigadiers/MdC are on UK 1 pence pieces and the General and his aide on a 2 pence piece.  Infantry are in 24 man battalions and cavalry in 6 figure squadrons.

Provence with the lead battalion of D'Eu in the background:

 D'Eu with the Grenadiers de France behind, followed by the Orleans dragoons:

The Artillery and the General (the barrels are bronze but the flash seems to have affected them):

Conde, Rochefoucault (both in grey-white) and Du Roi (blue coats):

In due course there will be limbers for the 8pdrs.  I've also got a foreign battalion (may be painted either Reding (Swiss) or La Marck (German)) and some supply wagons on order.

The Allies may take a bit longer :-)  Hopefully I'll be able to post part 2 with the Allied forces around the New Year.

The rule sets I intend to test out include:
  • Field of Battle
  • Classic Piquet Cartouche (closely related to the above)
  • Minden Rose
  • Maurice Lite
  • Black Powder


  1. Looking good!

    May I ask your base sizes?

  2. Base sizes are:
    Infantry: 25mm frontage x 20mm deep
    Cavalry: 25mm x 25mm
    Artillery: 25mm x as needed
    Brigadiers: 20mm diameter
    General and ADC: 25mm diameter