Saturday, 31 December 2011

A holiday project - Part 2

As I mentioned earlier I had decided to paint my 10mm SYW forces over the holiday period.

The Allied forces were pretty much finished yesterday - there's a bit of touch up to be done and the bases will be flocked at a later date.

The array deployed under Lt Gen von Imhoff:

The table is an old card table.  The figures are Pendraken 10mm in battalions of 24 and cavalry regiments of 12 in two squadrons.

The Hessian Prinz Friedrich Dragoons with the Hanoverian Busch Dragoons in the second line:

The Hessian Mansbach and Erbprinz Regiments:

The Hessian Haudring (later Toll) and Ysenberg Regiments, with converged Hessian grenadiers in the background:

 The Hessian infantry are in early uniforms - indeed there is debate as to whether the blue breeches were phased out before the Seven Years War - but it serves to distinguish them from the Brunswickers.  Their (speculative) colours are taken from the Kronoskaf site - again I decided to use earlier rather than later colours.

The Hanoverian 12 pounders:
 The two battalions of the Brunswick Imhoff Regiment:
 The right wing cavalry of the Hanoverian Reden and Hessian Prinz Friedrich cavalry regiments:

There is little difference in the main features of these two regiments despite being from different states. My painting isn't good enough to differentiate the pre-cast hanging standards by more than the main colour and a sense of devices.

Anyway, I've completed what I aimed to do at the start of the holidays - now to start using the small French and Allied forces to test out some rules.

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